Anatolia-Europe, Mythological–Historical Unity: CASTRO & ANTANDROS

In the scope of Turkey and European Union, a project named : Anatolia-Europe, Mythological–Historical Unity: Castro & Antandros,started in 2011 and completed in 2012. This project, Turkish and European Union, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Dialogue II,Culture and Art Grant Program. In partnership with Castro Organization(Pro Loco Castro),supported by Municipality of Altinoluk, Ege Universities, Municipality of Castro from Italy and Salento University,our project came in 19th among 300 applicants in Turkey.

Aeneas Rotası Afiş Resmi

Purpose of the project: While stressing the point of Turkey's role in Anatolia-Europe, Mythological-Historical unityz by creating awareness. In this context, for Roman Empire, which was the staple of civilization, an important Trojan hero, Aeneas was chosen. Aeneas' trip from Anatolia to Italy proves the concept of Anatolia-Europe historical and mythological unity. Our project is of great importance for that Turkey, which is on its way to membership in European Union, is in this Unity throughout history. For this reason, it should be emphasized that this project is very important for promoting our region. Another aim of this project is that this project would turn into a more comprehensive one for the purpose of continuity.

This project's aim also involves constructing a replica of the ship made of the lumber from Kazdagi and take legendary founder of Aeneas back to Rome. with these projects Bay of Edremit, Kazdagi and Antandross will be recognized both in Turkey and abroad.