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About Us

Our Association was established in Edremit, Balıkesir on September2, 1999; with the aim of supporting the activities for the already identified and would be identified protected areas and the unearthing and conservation of Antandros ancient city.

Our Association has no branch.

Our Association has been declared as a non-profit organisation by the decision of the Council of Ministers on August 7, 2006 no 2006/10904.

Donations and grants made with receipts to the non-profit organisations which do not exceed 5% of the annual income to be declared (corporate income of the year) may be subject to deduction for the determination of income or corporate tax base on the tax return.

Our Mission

The completion of the expropriations and the declaration as an archaeological site of Antandros Ancient City, protection of the city by a Ministerial decision, opening an archaeological museum for the exhibition of findings and artefacts, providing longer periods of excavation activities and with better conditions as well as publicity and promotion.

Our Vision

With the cooperation of new national and international participants, strengthening the project that we have launched with the Excavation Directorate and Edremit Municipality concerning the registration of Antandros and Kazdağı (Mount Ida) as cultural heritage by the UNESCO; the registration of the route taken by the mythological hero Aeneas, the founder of Rome after he built his ships in Antandros as an International Culture Route; and the realization of the same journey starting by building ancient style ships.

Dernek Abdullah Efendi Konağı

Founders of The Association

  • Remzi ERKÜREM
  • Z.Gülçin CÖMERT
  • İbrahim ARISOY
  • K. İsmail SEZEK
  • A. Mesut TURAN
  • İbrahim KESEN
  • Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
Dernek Abdullah Efendi Konağı Görseli

The Current Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors of the Association

Chairman of the Board, Erol Uzun
Vice President, Şenay Sevil AKIŞ
Accountant member of the Board of Directors, İsmail Serdal DEMİR
Member of the Board of Directors, Prof. Dr. Gürcan POLAT
Member of the Board of Directors, Zekiye Gülçin CÖMERT
Member of the Board of Directors, Şöhret OELKER
Member of the Board of Directors, Veysel SELEN
Member of the Board of Auditors, Hüseyin YILMAZ
Member of the Board of Auditors, Fatma ŞAHİNALP
Member of the Board of Auditors, Özkan ERDEN


We send our most sincere gratitute to all the organizations, companies and people who have supported us on our work since 2000.

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