Based on the tales of various antique writers, it can be said that the existence of the ancient city of Antandros goes back to the Bronze Age

Several ancient writers record the existence of Antandros city as the Bronze Age. Especially the peoples like the Lelegs, Pelasgs that are known to have lived in the area are dated back to those ages.

Aeneas Antandros'da Gemilerini İnşa Ediyor
Aeneid building his ships in Antandros (Aeneid, III), 1530-35

Antandros is an important ancient archaeological settlement located at the southern slopes of Ida Mountain (Kaz Dağı), on the northern coastline of Edremit Gulf 2.5 km off Altınoluk, Edremit, Balıkesir and has been hosting settlements since 2000 BC.

Although the name of the city per se is not mentioned in Iliad, Virgil in his work “Aeneid”, says that the Trojan hero Aeneid started his legendary journey from Antandros, and the date coincides with the late bronze age. The excavation works did not yield to settlement layers yet but the archaeological findings reveal the early signs of a settlement dating back 1800 BC.

Paris Ida Dağında, Hermes, Afrodit, Hera ve Athena'nın önünde oturuyor
Paris on Ida Mountain; sitting before Hermes, Aphrodite, Hera and Athena